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Does sound healing really work?

See what these ladies from a workshop in the US had to say
after listening to just 20 minutes of The Unity Codes
(A sound healing audio you can buy here)

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Mission Statement

Let us Play!!!

Let us Play!!!

Welcome to my website – www.AsheraHart.net – which I’ve created as a spiritual portal of exploration and inspiration to share some amazing things that I have learnt along my spiritual path.  How was your December 21, 2012?  So many people talk about us living in a New Age (which I prefer to call the Now Age!) and my experience during those few days was one of such promise and evolution on a personal level.  It has also been regarded by many as a gateway of ascension (see Glossary), an opportunity to review our trajectory on this planet.  Did you review yours?

There is a call for us to get back to the Earth and to do what works so we can get back in balance.  Increasingly people are realising that Western medicine is in many case only able to just treat symptoms and many people who are getting sick are instead turning to natural healing methods.  Why?  because they work.  Nature has got it down!  The main focus of this website is to share the importance of living in a pure, loving and harmonious energy or vibration whether that’s the food you put in your body, or the products you use e.g. shampoo, toothpaste, make-up etc, or the environment you live in, or the music and words you listen to and agree with and of course the relationships you create and nurture throughout your life etc.

If we return to doing what works, this will enable us to align with the planetary shifts and earth changes now occurring, and so prepare us for the evolution of our species.  This means that we will enjoy the ride instead of it being a challenge!  I know which one I’m going for!  So if your life is suddenly falling apart, maybe a relationship is ending, or you’re getting sick or you’re getting far more stressed than normal, or you’ve lost your job and you’re panicking as to what to do next, there is GREAT NEWS!  The Universe is sending you a very clear message!  Do what works.  Love works!  All the Universe wants for you is to really enjoy a happy and healthy life and if things are falling apart, it’s only because they need to so they can come back together in a way that will be so much better and help you feel so much happier, and even though it may not look like it right now, that light is just around the corner!  We are all being asked to trust this natural process of evolution and we may just need a nudge to encourage us to make those very necessary changes.  As the movie “The Secret” said, don’t focus on what you don’t want, as you’ll just get more of the same, but instead focus on what you really want and then those dreams can expand and so the Universe will send it to you!   It’s time to change our game, have the life we were born to live and create life on this planet to be the biggest party of all time!!!  We can ALL DO IT!!!

One of my passions is sound therapy and its healing power and how it can help the body get back in tune – literally!  Since sound therapy with healing intention is very powerful and has been scientifically proven (1) to find a cure for cancer (yes a cure!) and many other dis-eases and is already being widely used in hospitals today, my intention is to hopefully inspire as many people as possible to lovingly use sound therapy for healing (2) to assist in our spiritual evolution and ascension as a species so that we achieve our full potential.


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Before and after solfeggio sound healing and
for more exciting before and after shots, click here

Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

For so many years now, I’ve seen that humanity, especially with the development of technology like computers, mobile phones etc, has been increasingly living in a sense of separation – feeling separate from our  loving self, our feelings, our breathing, our body and its natural signals, our true spiritual nature, our friends & family, our neighbours, our community, our connection to the Earth, the Universe and God/Creator/Spirit or whatever you want to call that. I believe it stems on a spiritual level from the erroneous thought that is held in our consciousness and therefore in all the cells in our body that “I am separate therefore I am ultimately alone and unloved” and it is not enough to simply say “We are One” as a concept we need to feelthat connection so it’s a living reality and known truth.  In fact, this is how I got into sound healing in the first place.  I asked a question (not to anyone but internally to the Universe).  If humanity is so disconnected, and sound is so powerful, is there a sound or series of sounds we can give to the body that transmits this truth and therefore returns us to a place of full balance so we can be in tune on every level.  My prayer to that question was answered in 2001 when I met my mentor Randy Masters.  He introduced me to the frequencies of the Zobet (most know as the solfeggio) and so my path with sound healing began.  During this journey I have found many amazing truths about why these frequencies are so potent for humanity right now.  I firmly believe that with the conscious use of sound, this ancient, future healer can help us return to that feeling of connectedness with All on a permanent basis.  If we no longer feel separate then everything we do will come from a peaceful state and we can have the natural health that is our birthright and an ecstatically natural and balanced life!

Sound therapy comes in many forms, whether it’s as a musician creating harmonising music (i.e. the original reason for making music (3)) or as a sound healer shamanically using pure tone/didgeridoo/Tibetan bowls and bells/crystal bowls or tuning forks on or around the body or using the awesome power of voice combined with movement. This empowers you to dynamically unravel your body’s dissonance/disharmony so you can step free of everything that holds you back on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Glastonbury Tor at sunset

Glastonbury Tor at sunset

You can also use kind and peace-full words (in order to increase the vibration (“the vibe”) of your environment or you might be inspired to eat a healthier diet, using real organic, non-processed food which has a higher energy vibration – preferably raw (although this doesn’t work for everyone) and regular cleansing or fasting to promote optimum health (4) and to then inspire the return to using only natural products in your work and home environment (natural vibrations) including solar power, wind power etc and of course the return to a spiritual or sacred way of life (whatever that means to you) so that we all walk a path of harmony and respect for all beings beyond all judgement, prejudice and all fear-based behaviour so we can finally create the peace and paradise we were intended for.

In Love and Truth

Ashera Hart


“Music touches our innnermost being,
and in that way produces new life,

a life that gives exaltation to the whole being
raising it to the perfection in which
lies the fulfillment of man’s (humanity’s) life.”

- The Mysticism of Sound and Music” – Hazrat Inayat Khan 1182-1927″

(1) (see Fabien Maman’s “The Role of Music in the 21st Century” – www.tama-do.com)
(2) (e.g. to enable you to grow back a kneecap after a climbing accident after receiving the frequency which corresponds to the atomic value of Calcium – www.sharryedwards.com).
(3) and holding the intention of clearing all separation or fear-based consciousness)
(4) (See “The Essene Gospel of Peace”, “Cleanse & Purify” – Dr Richard Andersen, Dr Bernard Jensen, Dr Robert Young, Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe (www.thebestdayever.com) and Viktorias Kulvinskas – “Survival into the 21st Century”)